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Our Story

Fly Fishing the Maitland River in Goderich, Ontario, Canada
Fishing the Maitland River
Emerald Escape's humble beginnings were as a music studio. Built by our two sons for that use, it sat vacant when they left for destinations afar so it took on a new role as a sweet cottage rental and as parents we have become the caretakers!
The cottage sits quietly on its own. Its name was chosen to honour my children's grandmother: Her middle name was Emerald and she was of Irish descent. She had been a cottage enthusiast since early childhood.
My daughter-in-law came up with "Escape" as a fitting tribute to its restful environment. A visitor casually dropped in one day. She had never seen the cottage and was overwhelmed by the peacefulness of the setting. She said, "What a gem--no one would know this special place exists." We strive to provide clean, comfortable, reasonably priced accommodations with a touch of luxury. Be our guest just once, and we know you will come back.
As it says on the doorstep--"May the mist of Irish magic shorten every road." Have a safe journey!